Golden Touch Collection - A Practical Resource to Support Major Body Systems

Those of us who enjoy using Young Living's pure, therapeutic grade essential oils love our 10 Everyday Oils Collection as the one must-have resource in every home to support the family's daily health care needs. 

Given Young Living offers a rich selection of close to 200 essential oil singles and blends, there are a few hidden gems which are sometimes overlooked as we lean on our tried and true "favorite" oils. Young Living's Golden Touch Collection 1 is one such hidden gem.  

The Golden Touch 1 Collection is a practical resource comprises 7 essential oil blends targeted at supporting the health of major organs and body systems (statements applicable to USA audience).  

Immune System -- Thieves 

Digestive System -- DiGize 

Respiratory System -- RC, Raven

Endocrine System -- EndoFlex

Liver -- JuvaFlex

Skin -- Melrose 

What's great about this collection of 7 oils is its versatility and its amazing affordability at just $84.75 USD wholesale. 

Consider adding the Golden Touch 1 Collection to your natural wellness collection to keep all your body systems healthy and strong all year long!  

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Our Essential Oils Travel Wellness Kit

Article intended for USA audience ... 

Keep your family healthy, happy and stress free during travels! 

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils offer an invaluable and practical travel wellness resource to help fend from annoyances which may interrupt or dampen a family vacation.

On a driving vacation, diffuse Lemon essential oil in the car using your Aroma2Go USB diffuser* to both clean the air and keep everyone in a sunny, cheery disposition. Diffuse Young Living’s Purification essential oil blend if there is residual smoke or odor in your rental car. 

Put a drop or two of Lemon oil in your palm and rub your hands all over after you use a public bathroom for a clean, fresh, uplifted feeling.

To calm fussy babies, children or restless pets, place a drop or two of Young Living’s Lavender or Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil at the bottom of their feet or paws. For stressed adults, place a drop or two of Lavender behind the ears and on curved area right at the base of the skull (occipital point for fight or flight responses) or on the big toe (representing the brain) to help unwind. Diffuse Young Living’s Lavender or Northern Lights Black Spruce oil in the hotel room to maintain harmony and facilitate a good night’s sleep. Consider adding a few drops of Lavender oil in Epsom salt for a relaxing soak in the bath tub after a long day.  

Add a couple of drops of Purification oil blend or Young Living’s Thieves oil blend to cotton balls or to facial tissue and place these at strategic points of the hotel room eg. room vents and bedside to clear unpleasant odors. Make a room spray using drops of Lemon oil, Purification oil blend or Young Living’s Thieves oil blend to spritze the air and bedsheets. 

Inhale Peppermint oil to stimulate mental alertness. Inhale Peppermint oil to keep the airways clear. 

While eating out, consider adding a drop of Lemon oil to cold or hot water to help lessen the effects of much acidic, processed foods. Alternatively, add a drop of Peppermint oil to hot water or tea to stimulate digestion.   

Make a natural outdoors spray using drops of Purification oil blend and water and spray all over skin before the day’s outing to keep annoyances at bay. Pets love Purification blend too! 

Apply a drop or two of Thieves oil blend to the bottom of the feet morning and night. 

Apply Lavender oil or Frankincense oil to support healthy skin. Use Frankincense oil for calming support in the event of any injury.

For all types of minor strains and discomforts, layer first Northern Lights Black Spruce oil, followed by Young Living’s PanAway oil blend and finish off with Peppermint oil as an effective trio.    

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